The application process

If you’ve decided to apply for a job in health or social care in south east London, that’s great! On this page, we'll look at how to prepare before you start writing your application.

What's covered?

We will provide you with the key information you need to take your first steps in applying for roles.

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The application

Find out about what's involved when you apply for a health or social care job.

How to use

Watch a short video to understand how to use Trac, an NHS recruitment system.

How to use
Researching an organisation

Check out these useful resources to help you understand the organisations you apply to.

How to read a job description

Find out how to break down and understand a job description. 

The application process

Let's find out a bit more about what applying for jobs involves.
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Review the application requirements

First, look at the job advert and any supporting information carefully, to find out what the application process is. Different organisations have different requirements – such as:

  • An online application form on a particular website – for example, many NHS jobs have an application on the site.

  • A CV and ‘covering letter’ explaining why you are applying for the role and how you match the requirements.

Always check the deadline for submission, too – and make sure you submit it before the date and time specified. Very few employers will consider applications received after the deadline.

Follow their guidelines

Be sure to follow the process the organisation has requested. For instance, if the organisation has a set application form, don’t send your CV unless they ask for it.

Personal statement

Also be aware that many online application forms include a section for a ‘personal statement’ or ‘supporting statement’, which may play a similar role to the covering letter in offering additional information on why you have applied for the role specifically.

How to use Trac

This short video outlines how to use Trac

Researching an organisation

It's important to research an organisation before applying for a role. Here are some useful sources of information.

The organisation's website

Check out pages such as ‘About us’, and any information on the organisation's structure, strategy, mission or vision, and the work they do.

Media and news articles

Look for news articles or blogs about the organisation and its work, whether on its own website or other outlets, to understand how it presents itself.

Care Quality Commission

Check out the Care Quality Commission website for any reports on the organisation.

Local authorities 

Check out the website of the local authority responsible for social care in the organisation's borough.  

South East London Integrated Care System

For the context of where the organisation fits, check out the South East London ICS website.


Use LinkedIn to see more information about roles from people who work for the organisation. You could even try contacting people to ask them about what the role is like.

How to read a job description

A job description can include lots of information. Let's look at the different components to help you navigate it. Scroll through the pages below and click on the hotspots for some tips.

Useful resources

Check out the following for more advice on applying and interviewing for health and social care roles.

The application portal for many NHS jobs.

Getting into social care

Advice for writing a job application for a social care role.

Preparing for an interview

Advice from BBC Bitesize.