NHS apprenticeships

An NHS or social care apprenticeship in south east London is a fantastic way to earn and learn at the same time. You’ll combine work with study, and the real-world experience and recognised qualifications you gain can improve your career prospects, all while getting paid!

An NHS apprenticeship offers a rewarding route into hundreds of careers across south east London, from admin to clinical.

Apprenticeships can last from one to five years.  A full-time apprentice should receive a minimum of six hours off-the-job training/learning, throughout each working week.

What's covered?

We will provide you with the key information you need to take your first steps to getting an apprenticeship role.

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Who can do an NHS apprenticeship?

Find out more about the entry criteria for an NHS apprenticeship.

What types of apprenticeships are available?

Find out about some of the NHS roles that you could apply for.

What salary can I expect?

Find out more about the pay you can look forward to with an NHS apprenticeship. 

How can I get

Guidance on how to gain the skills, experience and qualifications you’ll need.

Who can do an NHS apprenticeship?

You can do an NHS apprenticeship whether you’re already working for the NHS or thinking about moving into the NHS. And if you already work there, you can even do an apprenticeship on top of your current role.

The minimum starting age is usually 16 years old, with no upper age limit.

Entry requirements depend on the type and level of apprenticeship. There is more information on this later in this page.

What jobs are available for an NHS apprentice? 

Hundreds of roles are available through an NHS apprenticeship in south east London. You could become a business administrator, HR consultant, pharmacy assistant, dental nurse, nursing associate, podiatrist, or one of many others. You can find out more about particular roles below. 

Healthcare assistant

Working alongside experienced healthcare professionals to monitor and support hospital patients.

Business administrator

Supporting a team by developing, maintaining and improving its administrative services.


Helping a person restore their movement and function after injury, illness or disability.


Supporting and caring for patients on wards, as outpatients, in operating theatres, and in A&E.

Pharmacy technician

Giving medicines and medication advice to patients, and helping to manage stock / supply.

Clerical officer

Supporting a team with customer service, record keeping and other administrative duties.


Taking scans of patients to help diagnose or treat an illness or injury.

Recruitment administrator

Providing recruitment support to hiring managers and prospective employees.

Levels of apprenticeships 

You will typically gain a competence qualification (based on what you can do in the workplace) and a knowledge qualification, or a qualification combining both.

NHS apprenticeships are available at several levels:

Intermediate level 

Level 2 apprenticeships are equivalent to five GCSEs.

Advanced level

Level 3 apprenticeships are equivalent to three A-levels.

Higher level

Level 4-7 apprenticeships are equivalent to a foundation degree or above.

Degree level

Level 6-7 apprenticeships are equivalent to a full bachelor's or Master's degree.

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you might be offered a permanent job with the same employer, get a job elsewhere, or decide on another apprenticeship or university course at a higher level.
It’s always helpful to hear from people doing the job already, and to find out what they enjoy about their role. Watch this video to hear first-hand from some Guy's and St Thomas' apprentices.
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What salary can I expect?

Pay for NHS apprentices in south east London varies depending on the role.

An apprentice who is new to the NHS can expect to earn around £15,000 a year.

This figure is likely to be higher if you do an apprenticeship on top of your current NHS role.
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In depth analysis
Market structure
Technical insight


Here are some of the ways you can progress in a career as an NHS apprentice:

Get into an NHS role

- Healthcare assistant
- Support worker

Step into more senior roles

- Assistant practitioner
- Senior support worker

How do I progress through a career in the NHS? 

Take on management responsibilities

- Team leader
- Supervisor

And so much more...!

How can I get started?

Entry requirements for an NHS apprenticeship depend on the type and level of apprenticeship. Here's some of the key information you need to know before you apply.

Stand out from the crowd

NHS apprenticeships are a great way to progress your career, but that means there's often a lot of competition for a place. So your application and interview are crucial. Try to show that you are committed, aware of your responsibilities, and able to cope with work and study.


Boost your experience

If you don't feel quite ready for an apprenticeship, there are a number of ways you can gain new skills and experience before applying. See the 'Useful resources' section below for more information.


Gain qualifications 

As a guide, you may need four or five GCSEs at grades 9-4/A-C or equivalent to do a level 3 apprenticeship. To start a level 5 or 6 apprenticeship you're likely to need A-levels, equivalent level 3 qualifications or relevant and sufficient experience.

Apprenticeship pathways

Click on the slider below to see apprenticeship pathways for careers in health and care. You can use the Find an apprenticeship government service to search and apply for apprenticeships in England. 

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Useful resources

There are plenty of resources available to help you prepare for, choose and apply for an NHS apprenticeship in south east London.

Before an

Find out more about the programmes and services that can help prepare you for an NHS apprenticeship.


Although aimed at employers, the website below contains lots of detail about what you could be doing as an NHS apprentice.


See how an NHS apprenticeship could help you develop and progress your career. 


Find your NHS apprenticeship on the NHS jobs website or government apprenticeship website.


Search for apprenticeships across the UK in a variety of fields.

UCAS apprenticeships and graduate jobs

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Explore NHS apprenticeships across the UK in numerous fields. 


Find out more about apprenticeships and T levels.