An introduction to popular roles

This page provides a short description of popular job roles you may be interested in.

Clinical roles

Ambulance care assistant

Ambulance care assistants transport non-emergency patients to and from healthcare facilities. They ensure patient comfort and safety, manage equipment, and may provide basic first aid if necessary.

Apprentice paramedic

An apprentice paramedic learns the skills of emergency medical care on the job. They respond to emergency calls, administer first aid, and transport patients to medical facilities, all under the guidance of experienced paramedics.

Care assistant

Care assistants support medical staff by providing basic patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. They also assist with monitoring vital signs and ensuring patient comfort.

Clinical healthcare support worker apprentice

An apprentice in this role learns to deliver clinical support to healthcare professionals, assisting in procedures, monitoring patients, and ensuring all health and safety protocols are met.

Dental nurse apprentice

A dental nurse apprentice supports the dental team, assisting with procedures, sterilising instruments, and ensuring patient comfort. The role often combines on-the-job training with formal education.

Dietetic assistant

Dietetic assistants work alongside registered dietitians, helping to prepare and provide nutritional plans, educate patients on dietary choices, and monitor patient food intake.

Healthcare assistant (HCA)

HCAs support doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. They might help with tasks like taking vital signs, assisting patients with daily activities, and preparing treatment rooms.

Medical laboratory assistant

Medical laboratory assistants perform routine diagnostic tests, prepare specimens, and maintain laboratory equipment under the guidance of more experienced technicians and technologists.

Mental health support worker

These professionals provide support to individuals who experience mental health problems, helping them with daily activities, ensuring they adhere to therapy or medication schedules, and offering emotional support.

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistants, also known as nurse aides, work under the supervision of registered nurses. They provide direct patient care, assist with daily activities, and ensure the general comfort of patients.

Occupational therapy assistant

Occupational therapy assistants work under the supervision of occupational therapists. They help patients develop, regain or maintain daily living and work skills, often through therapeutic activities or interventions.

Optometric assistant

Assisting optometrists, they help with eye tests, give advice on eye care, manage appointments, and may assist in fitting glasses or contact lenses.

Pharmacy assistant

Pharmacy assistants support pharmacists in dispensing prescription medications. They might handle tasks such as organising inventory, labelling medications, and interacting with patients.

Physical therapy aide

Working under the direction of physical therapists, these aides assist with patient exercises, prepare therapy areas, and handle administrative tasks such as scheduling.

Podiatry assistant

Working alongside podiatrists, they assist with foot treatments, prepare instruments, manage appointments, and may offer basic foot care advice to patients.

Radiology assistant

Radiology assistants support radiographers in producing high-quality imaging for diagnostic procedures. Their duties may include preparing patients, ensuring safety procedures are followed, and maintaining imaging equipment.

Rehabilitation support worker

These workers assist individuals recovering from illness, injury, or addiction, providing emotional and practical support, helping them reintegrate into society, and ensuring they follow rehabilitation programmes.

Social work assistant

Under the guidance of licensed social workers, they help clients access social services, provide emotional support, and assist with administrative tasks.

Speech and language therapy assistant

They support licensed speech therapists in delivering therapy sessions, preparing materials, and assisting patients in exercises to improve their speech or swallowing difficulties.

Support worker

Support workers assist individuals with specific needs, enabling them to live independently. They help with daily tasks, accompany them to appointments, and offer emotional support.

Non-clinical roles

Admin assistant

An administrative assistant plays a vital role in managing the office's operations, ensuring that processes run smoothly. Their tasks include answering phones, scheduling appointments, organising patient records, and handling correspondence.

Care coordinator

They work closely with patients, families, and healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive the necessary services, ranging from medical appointments to social services.

Child care worker

In health or social care settings, these workers provide care for children who may be unwell, have disabilities, or need additional support. They engage in activities, ensure safety, and support the child's well-being.

Community support worker

These workers assist individuals with disabilities or other challenges in their daily lives, ensuring they can participate in community activities, and offering support in tasks like shopping or attending local events.

General admin

Individuals in general admin roles are responsible for a range of clerical tasks that ensure the efficient operation of a healthcare facility, such as data entry, file management, and correspondence.

Health information technician

These technicians manage and organise health information data, ensuring its accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. They often work with coding systems for billing and insurance purposes.

Health promotion assistant

They work on public health campaigns, prepare materials, organise events, and gather data to raise awareness and educate communities about health and well-being topics.

Healthcare administrator apprentice

This apprentice works within the administrative side of healthcare, learning about health service management, patient data management, and general operations of healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities manager

They oversee the physical operations of a healthcare facility, ensuring it meets health and safety standards, manages repairs, oversees waste disposal, and coordinates facility improvements.

Healthcare IT specialist

This role focuses on implementing and managing healthcare information systems, ensuring data integrity, system security, and that technology supports clinical needs.

Home care aide

Home care aides assist individuals who need help with daily tasks in their own homes. This might include older people, people with disabilities, or those recovering from illnesses or surgeries.

Medical records clerk

They organise, maintain, and retrieve medical records in healthcare settings, ensuring data accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Medical receptionist

A medical receptionist is often the first point of contact for patients. They are responsible for scheduling appointments, handling enquiries, managing patient intake, and ensuring that the reception area is organised and welcoming.

Medical secretary

A medical secretary provides clerical support in medical settings. They manage appointments, transcribe medical reports, and handle patient queries, ensuring smooth communication between patients and medical professionals.

Outreach worker

Outreach workers engage with marginalised communities or individuals, offering support, connecting them with services, and raising awareness on various issues.


Receptionists serve as the first point of contact for patients or visitors, managing appointments, answering enquiries, and directing calls or messages to the appropriate department.

Residential care worker

Working in residential homes, these individuals provide care and support to residents, helping with daily activities, organising recreational events, and ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Social care worker

Social care workers support individuals and families in various situations, helping them cope with challenges like mental health issues, family disruptions, or physical disabilities. Their role can include counselling, organising care plans, and connecting clients with relevant community resources.

Welfare rights adviser

Advisers in this role help individuals understand and claim their social welfare benefits, providing advice on entitlements, application processes, and any related issues.